Keynote: The Art and Science of a Great Customer Experience // State of the Marketplace & Conference Kick-Off

Welcome and Keynote Introduction   This is Jon’s flagship program for organizations that seek to strengthen their customer experience (“CX”) with cultural, behavioral and operational change. In it, he addresses a fundamental question for any...

2020-10-27 Keynote

Breaking Prime Day Insights -Sponsored by Teikametrics

Join Andrew Waber, Director of Insights at Teikametrics, for a look into Prime Day data.Speaker  Andrew Waber, Director of Insights, TEIKAMETRICSAndrew is the Director of Insights at retail optimization platform provider at Teikametrics. In his current...

2020-10-27 Education

Build Brand Loyalty on Amazon (and Beyond): Seven Touchpoints for Private Label Sellers

Today’s product label brands face an enormous challenge: they must make their products the obvious choice in a crowded market that’s only becoming more saturated with savvier, flashier, cheaper competitors. The private label brands who rise to the top will be the...

2020-10-27 Education

The Game Plan to Scale and Sell Your Business: From Today to Your Biggest Payday

This is an advanced session specifically for eCommerce entrepreneurs looking to first scale their business and then consider exit alternatives for a 7- or 8- figure valuation within the next 1-3 years. Chances are you will put more money in your pocket from selling...

2020-10-27 Education

Tax Ramifications for Sellers Two Years After Wayfair

In this session, tax expert Mike Fleming will delve into the changes the Wayfair decision has imposed on sellers over the last two years - many of which have been good news. Learn the latest about state requirements for sellers. Mike will specifically address these...

2020-10-27 Education

Lunch and Learn Activity: Test Your Amazon IQ- Sponsored by Teikametrics

Join Liz Fickenscher, Ecommerce Marketing Manager from Teikametrics, as she, along with special guest Yoni Mazor of GETIDA, put you through the brain-teasing paces of figuring out your Amazon IQ. Test your knowledge of all sorts of dreaded math and logical reasoning to...

2020-10-27 Social Events

The Latest Amazon Enforcement Issues We All Need to Understand (Seller Performance)

Each year, Prosper Show looks at changing policies and programs impacting the ability of sellers and brands to protect themselves. This year, we are using a fireside chat format, with a host asking two experts questions around how Amazon sellers should abide by...

2020-10-27 Panel Discussions

Increase Profits by Minimizing Fees and Maximizing Reimbursements Using Data Analytics -Sponsored by GETIDA

This session will address the below topics.  Full description to follow. Using Data AnalyticsCutting Expenses Getting Reimbursements Speaker  Yoni Mazor, COO and Co-Founder, GETIDAYoni began developing GETIDA after successfully operating a $20...

2020-10-27 Education

Inside the Mind of a Buyer: What I Learned Acquiring Eight Amazon FBA Businesses In 75 Days

Ever dreamed of selling your Amazon ecommerce business? If yes, wouldn’t it be great know what the buyer is looking for? Richard Jalichandra will take you inside the mind of the acquirer – a very different point of view than you’ll get from consultants who advise...

2020-10-27 Education

Pressure Testing Sales Growth Goals Using Data Amazon Already Provides

In this session, you will learn:What data is important and how to analyze it Hidden data in Seller Central 80/20 and how it applies to your successKPI, Metrics and Numbers - what they really meanSpeaker  Jeff Cohen, CMO, SELLER LABSJeff is a devoted...

2020-10-27 Education

Extend Your Brand Into Brick and Mortar Channels

Far too many brands grow up on the Amazon channel, but never make the jump into brick and mortar. In this session, Emilie Canty will examine what critical steps the brand owners need to take to position their brands to traditional brick and mortar retailers that likely...

2020-10-27 Education

You Are Thinking About Selling Your Amazon Business, Now What? -Sponsored by Boosted Commerce

Selling your business will be one of the most important decisions you make in your life. It takes months or even years to find a spouse, but this decision needs to happen in days. Enter the matchmaking scene with the benefit of the experience and keen insights and of...

2020-10-27 Education

Advanced Amazon Advertising Structure: The Multi-Year Plan

Come learn about how to organize your campaign structure and profitability targets based on multi-year plans. We'll assess which plans work best based on your goals (e.g., selling your business, running a lifestyle business, etc.) We'll also discuss structuring your ad...

2020-10-27 Education

The Value of a Proper IP Strategy on Amazon: From Product Launch to Exit

IP plays a huge role throughout the lifecycle of any Amazon business. The right IP can give you a leg up on your competition who are fighting for success in already crowded niches. On the day that you sell your business, IP can be a multiplier of the price you are paid...

2020-10-27 Education

Hot Topic Meetup #1

These interactive breakout group sessions are opportunities to network and learn from your peers and experts. Get clarity, resources and insights. The zoom meetups will strike a balance between thought-leader expertise and peer-seller experience on the below...

2020-10-27 Hot Topic Meetups

Happy Hour and Live Trivia Contest with a $500 Cash Prize! - Sponsored by GETIDA

Join your peers and host -Yoni Mazor from GETIDA- for this interactive trivia contest and social hour. Learn and have fun in a super interactive live trivia event that will present questions about Amazon and eCommerce. Join Yoni Mazor from GETIDA & Jason Magee...

2020-10-27 Social Events

Good Morning fun - Join our Jeopardy Game to Win Prosper Points - Sponsored by Gembah

Join your peers and host Gembah for this interactive jeopardy game and coffee hour. Test your knowledge on product innovation, the Amazon landscape, and coffee in this fun interactive game. Session participants will be awarded 100 Prosper Points. Points will be...

2020-10-28 Social Events

Sell Your Business for Maximum Gain: A Seller’s Essential Guide to Buyers and Acquisitions -Sponsored by Thrasio

The eCommerce M&A market is heating up and after a whirlwind year that helped many categories see record growth, a lucrative exit could be an attractive next step for your future. Ken is eager to share lessons and best practices that he and and his team have...

2020-10-28 Education

The Cost of Private Label Sellers Ignoring Their Product Compliance Responsibilities Just Got a Lot Larger- What Now?

In light of the courts recent findings that Amazon can be held liable for unsafe products the goal of the seminar will be to educate both Amazon sellers and team members on specific compliance criteria for specialized product groups. Selling noncompliant products is...

2020-10-28 Education

What Got You to Seven Figures Won’t Get You to Eight Figures - Use Financial and Operational Leverage to Move Beyond Your Plateau

Many sellers get stuck in a $1-3M plateau, but you don't have to. Learn the surprisingly practical secrets for moving your business to the next level regardless of whether your goal is to scale, sell or sit (on the beach). Hint: it’s not working more hours. All...

2020-10-28 Education

When Black Hats Attack: Teaching Sellers to Defend Their Amazon Accounts and Brands

Sellers will learn how to prepare and protect themselves from competitor sabotage. We’ll talk about tactics that less sophisticated sellers use to attack each other and cover how third-party services launch attacks on a competing seller’s behalf. We will teach...

2020-10-28 Education

Seller Panel: AmazonB2B Platform

A few years ago, Amazon launched the Business seller program, offering B2B customers the opportunity to buy with volume discounts and sales tax exemption status. In this seller panel, we learn from a wide range of sellers who have embraced this platform, and found...

2020-10-28 Panel Discussions

How New Product Creation Increases Company Valuation – Sponsored by GEMBAH

Not all FBA businesses are valued in the same way. Are you building yours to maximize long-term value? In this session you will learn how new product creation builds long-term profitability and makes your business more valuable to you and to potential buyers. The...

2020-10-28 Education

Product Review Strategies to Boost Reviews by 40%

Sellers face more challenges than ever when trying to get verified purchase product reviews on newly launched products. They deal with black hat bad actors, fierce competition and a difficult algorithm. What are some proven strategies for getting those all-important...

2020-10-28 Education

Practical Tools for Avoiding Copyright and Trademark Violations on Amazon

This session will cover what is known about Amazon One Vendor and how changes will potentially impact manufacturers. Topics covered will include:What is Amazon One Vendor and what will it look like for manufacturers?Current hybrid approach and the future of the hybrid...

2020-10-28 Education

Use Video to Solve Your Biggest Challenges on Amazon

In this presentation, Patrick Tedjamulia will show you how to solve your biggest challenges through easy, proven video-based strategies. These challenges include improving conversions and sales, time spent on your listings, rankings and reviews, consumer trust, brand...

2020-10-28 Education

Hot Topic Meetup #2

These interactive breakout group sessions are opportunities to network and learn from your peers and experts. Get clarity, resources and insights. The zoom meetups will strike a balance between thought-leader expertise and peer-seller experience on the below...

2020-10-28 Hot Topic Meetups

How AI Works for Amazon Advertising During the 2020 Holiday Season

One of Prosper's most popular speakers is back. Franz will discuss key changes in PPC strategies being used by successful sellers, including:Target audience: advanced sellersWe will analyze different PPC strategies and how they performIt will be data heavy, but we will...

2020-10-28 Education

Maximizing Profits with Real-Time Accounting -Sponsored by MargiinDriver

eCommerce is highly competitive and often a high-volume, low-margin game. Small fluctuations in margins across thousands of transactions can have a big impact on profitability. To succeed, sellers need real-time gross profit reporting for every order on every sales...

2020-10-28 Education

Conversion Rate Secrets of High-Performance Amazon Listings -Sponsored by PAGE.ONE

What would a 10% or 15% increase in your conversion rate mean for your revenue and profitability? Conversion Rate Optimization is one of the most powerful levers at your disposal on Amazon to increase sales and stretch your advertising dollars. The challenge's...

2020-10-28 Education

Working With the Black Box of Amazon Ads: Controlling Search Terms

Most advertisers assume that keywords are the most important entity to focus on in their Amazon advertising account. This is a holdover from other ad publishers like Google. Amazon PPC is all about which product you show for which search term and how much you pay for...

2020-10-28 Education

Find and Negotiate With Your Factory's Sub-Suppliers

In this presentation, Nathan will be diving into how each factory that you work with has sub-suppliers and how negotiating directly with them can drastically reduce your unit costs. He'll chat about how to find your factory's sub-suppliers, how to manage quality with...

2020-10-28 Education

Proven Recipes for Scaling to $10M - Sponsored by WEBGILITY

Hear the stories and learn from the strategies of sellers who grew revenue to $10M and beyond. Ex-Amazon insider Parag Mamnani reveals the secrets of success after working with over 10,000 ecommerce companies over 18 years. Backed by data and colorful anecdotes,...

2020-10-28 Education

Automation Tools and an Owner and Marketing Expert Advanced Crash Course on How to Use Them

This will be a crash course into the little-known features I've discovered over the years with my clients. We will examine why the tools are valuable and delve deeper into their hidden features. We'll be moving fast so don't expect us to cover everything. However, you...

2020-10-28 Education

The Chatbot Ranking and Review System for Private Label Amazon Sellers

Want to win the game on Amazon? In this training you'll learn the step by step process to take control of your listings by building your brand with chat bots, including:Step #1: Build a powerful messenger launch list you can use to rank your products over and over...

2020-10-28 Education

Tear Down Amazon Listings - Best Practices to Follow for Private Label Brands

In this interactive session, two listings experts review product listings to point out important gaps and identify efficient ways to improve these listings so as to improve likely performance on organic search and customer conversion.Speakers  Emma Tamir,...

2020-10-28 Education

Accelerate Your Business with a Simple Turnkey eCommerce Solution -Sponsored by Magento

US Waters is a minority owned business that was looking to grow 50% in 2020 utilizing Magento Commerce and Amazon as their primary platform. They needed to get their site up and running quickly, while making enhancements and improving the user experience. By...

2020-10-28 Education

Making Google a Platform for Marketplace Sellers

Google properties play a huge role in a shopping journey, especially for considered purchases. Google has eight properties with more than one billion monthly users and more than one billion connected devices, as well as immense trust with users. Shopping Actions will...

2020-10-28 Education

The Advertising Price of Product Launch: Costs and Strategies for Getting to Page One - Sponsored by Teikametrics

There is no shortcut to Page One of a search term that matters. It is a hard battle against competitors for ratings, reviews, and rankings. Assuming you have product-market fit, to win you have to have capital, patience and a nuanced advertising strategy that leverages...

2020-10-28 Education

Advanced eCommerce Accounting Techniques to Attract Investment Funding and Higher Exit Valuation

Today’s ecommerce businesses are prime targets for investment or acquisition and a successful company can become a financial windfall. Sadly, many business owners leave money or equity on the table through poor accounting techniques that understate the value of their...

2020-10-28 Education

Closing Remarks

We will review the 2020 show and discuss the details of Prosper Show 2021.Speakers  James Thomson, Co-Founder, PROSPER SHOW; former Amazon Insider James Thomson is a partner at Buy Box Experts, a managed services agency supporting brands selling online....

2020-10-28 Keynote