Prosper Points

Prosper Points Gamification Contest

Additional Info and Rules

Introducing Prosper Points, a fun gamification element within the Prosper Virtual Show event! You will earn certain allotments of Prosper Points for engaging with exhibitors and become eligible to win some amazing prizes!

Prosper Points Contest

At the conclusion of the event, the top three attendees with the highest point totals will win a prize (see prize list below).

The remaining three prize winners will be determined by lottery. For every 500 Prosper Points you earn, you will be granted one (1) entry into the lottery. (Example: 1,500 points = 3 lottery entries.) Lottery winners will be chosen and notified after the conclusion of the event.


  • Apple Watch
  • Beats by Dre
  • $500 Amazon Gift Card
  • Amazon Echo
  • Virtual Reality Headset
  • Bluetooth Speaker

**note the prize color and version of prize may vary

Earning Points

How do attendees earn Prosper Points? It’s simple—visit our exhibitors! There are two ways participants can earn Prosper Points:

1. Automatically

Each time you complete a Prosper Points form within an exhibitor booth, points allocations will automatically tally on your Attendee Dashboard.  Visit all the booths and fill out their forms to up your game!

You will also get points each time you complete any other form within an Exhibitor Booth. These can typically be found on the Contact Us or Schedule a Meeting pages within a booth. 

Additionally, participants who register and attend our three social sessions will automatically earn 100 points per event (these point tallies will be added at the conclusion of day 2). The three social sessions include:

  • Lunch and Learn Activity, Sponsored by Teikametrics (10/27 12:15pm-1:00pm EDT)
  • Social Hour and Trivia Contest, Sponsored by GETIDA (10/27 4:15pm-5:15pm EDT)
  • Jeopardy and Coffee, Sponsored by Gembah (10/28 10:00AM-10:45AM EDT)

2. Manually

Exhibitors may also award points to individual attendees at their discretion. Exhibitors are likely to award points based on your level of engagement with them. You may engage exhibitors by participating in live chat, having a 1:1 meeting, attending an in-booth event, or participating in face-to-face lounge chats. The maximum number of points that an exhibitor may award at their discretion varies.

The total number of Prosper Points that you have accumulated appears in the top right corner of your Attendee Dashboard. Points for participating in a social session will be added after the event.

Contest Rules

  1. Winners will be announced by email the week of November 2.
  2. An individual attendee may not win more than one prize in the contest.
  3. Attendees may complete the same form as many times as they like, however, they will only receive points the first time that they submit it.

Prosper Points Sponsors

A huge thank you to our generous sponsors for donating the Prosper Points prizes! Be sure to stop by their booth and have a look around.